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How we help redefine teaching and learning.

SmartLecturer is a free Learning Management System (LMS) for blended learning among instructors and learners in higher institutions and Businesses in Nigeria. It is a social networking web application appropriate for teaching and learning. Our LMS is a replica of the dominant conventional (face-to-face) instruction, but in an online social media app format. Capable of providing lecturers and teacher with the tools necessary for in-class communication as well as collaboration within and outside class room. SmartLecturer LMS is a free blended learning platform aimed at redefining teaching and learning in Nigeria.

Top LMS tools and Features

Smart Lecturer LMS is endowed with the learning tools for knowledge and positive collaboration among instructors and learners.


A lecturer can post lesson or send attached files to the full class; private notes can be sent to selected students.


Lecturers can create polls in order to maximize students’ understanding of opinions as well as their thoughts.


A lecturer can post assignments online; students answer online and can be graded online.


Lecturers can evaluate students’ performance by administering assessments in the form of Multiple Choice Questions; True/False; short or long answer questions.


Essentially a self-management tool providing users with automated notifications of due dates and events, with a short description of the event.


Functions like an innovative notice board. Lecturers can broadcast announcements and lesson content to the learners.

Why Should I Consider Smart Lecturer LMS?

Have you ever wondered what students do with their mobile technologies and social media accounts during and after classroom instruction? With Smart Lecturer LMS, you can go a long way in ensuring that your students do something meaningful with their online presence. Whether you are a lecturer, a teacher or any individual, who has some set of learners, here are some reasons why you should consider incorporating this technological innovation into your instructional delivery:

  1. SmartLecturer LMS can be used by instructors to build an online learning conversation with your students on your courses or subjects.
  2. Can be used to blend offline learning with online learning (blended learning) with ease.
  3. Students enjoy using innovative technologies and social media, even in learning.
  4. Teaching is made easier and smarter.
  5. To encourage self-paced learning.
  6. Instructional delivery can take place anywhere and anytime.
  7. Help instructors in making their teaching and learning student-focused.
  8. Even as it is online, the lecturer still has full control of his class.

    How is this possible? See reasons below:

    •   Lecturers create the classes
    •  Students need access code to join a class
    •  Students can only communicate with the teacher or the whole class. Private messages can't be sent between students.
    •  Lecturers can delete posts.
    •  No individual can post anonymously.


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Mfon Eti-Mfon

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System Administrator

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